5S System

Zaufali nam:

Our company uses a lean management tool for continuous improvement, 5S, the aim of which to create a well-organised and tidy work place.

Basic 5S principles:

1S. Seiri (sort) – identify and remove all things that are not needed at a work place. 1S activities are very often accompanied by so-called red tagging, transforming this step into a continuous process.

2S. Seiton (set in order) – specify places for storage of each item left after 1S, according to the principle “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

3S. Seiso (sweep) – daily cleaning enhances in workers a sense of being owners of their work place; at production companies it is often combined with inspection, therefore, it is possible to find damages, defects and anomalies early.

4A. Seiketsu (standardise) – document and standardise all solutions and practices developed in first three steps (visual standards, instructions, flowcharts, schedules, one-point lessons, checklists, workspace maps, 5S boards, pictures of ideal conditions, etc.), as well as develop tasks and responsibilities lists for employees responsible for maintaining 5S.

5S. Shitsuke (self-discipline/sustain) – all actions supporting maintenance of first four “Ss”, and in particular, patrols and audits, and kaizen workshops using the 5S methodology.